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Why need drilling rig dust filter element in drilling rig?

Why need drilling rig dust filter element in drilling rig?

The drilling  rig dust filter is a very important part of the rig dust collector. If there is no filter element, it will not have such a good dust removal effect, so to achieve good results, we can  take advantage of the drilling  rig dust filter element .
1. the drilling rig  filter element can withstand high temperature,  it can withstand below 400 degrees, so it can work under high temperature conditions. is not easy to be corroded. The dust removal air filter element of the drilling rig will be exposed to the air when it is in use. Due to the  work environment, in order to extend  the use time of the filter element, people should take good care of the filter element. After all, if there is no filter element .Dusting is not going to work very well.
3. the drilling  rig dust filter can withstand high pressure. Generally, if it is used for dust removal, it is in industrial production. In order to better remove dust, it needs to be squeezed to remove dust well. This type of dust filter is very good.
4. the filter element is relatively small, it is easy to put in, and it is easy to disassemble.  The energy consumption of this kind of drilling rig dust removal filter element is quite small, and people can choose to replace the filter element . Although the filter element is small, the effect is very good, and the dust removal effect is still very good.





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