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  • Filters for Busch vacuum pump
  • Filters for Busch vacuum pump
  • Filters for Busch vacuum pump
Filters for Busch vacuum pump Filters for Busch vacuum pump Filters for Busch vacuum pump

Busch vacuum pumps Filter

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Busch is a famous brand and its R5 RA oil lubricated series simply captivated the  world. Busch vacuum pumps operated mainly is in the rough and medium vacuum field very strong so this pumps are in this working area like packaging, food industry, coating industry.

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Oil lubricated Busch vacuum pumps

R5 series 
Oil lubricated rotary vane Busch vacuum pumps being used in all areas of industry. You may use till medium vacuum level or as backing pumps in combination with a high vacuum roots pumps. Durable, robust and compact vacuum pumps, ideal for all kind of general vacuum application.
Zebra vacuum pump
two stage oil sealed vacuum pumps with recirculation oil system and built in oil pump. Zebra pumps working on a pressure range at 10-3 mbar abs. This series are well fitted with a comprehensive range of accessories which is larger than than other famouse brand. Vacuum level could be better its reach the usual range of 2 stage pumps.
High vacuum roots pumps

Panda/Puma roots pumps
Using in a combination with a backing pumps, to increase of volume flow and reach better vacuum level if its important for your application. Frequently used high vacuum roots pumps with R5 series together.
Dry compressing pumps

100% oil free vacuum pump for different application with a working vacuum level of -2 decade. Best solution for analytical and labor application, probably together with a turbo molecular pump. Please do not forget to check our Scroll vacuum pumps from Anest Iwata and of course we are able to ship you spare parts as well.
Dry screw vacuum pump for general and sensitive or dangerous application.
Possible for evacuate gases and steam.
Busch able to customise after your requirement a special screw vacuum pump.
It could be ATEX certified
This is a world best claw vacuum pump from Busch, who is the biggest developer of this dry vacuum technology. Busch vas able to reach 40-60 mbar abs. pressure by continuously operation with this dry claw series, which is always a success for users also. With this technology customers do not need care so often about maintenance. Just replacing air filters and some minimal quantity of oil.
Seco series is a carbon vane vacuum pump, for rough vacuum level, ideal for printing and packaging companies or for vacuum lifting.

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