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Jiyuan Zhongyuan Filter Co,Ltd was build in 1996 is a professional manufacturer specialize in design,manufacture,sale for  kinds of filter elements.
We can provide you filter element range not limited as follows :
l  Hydraulic filter element
l  Vacuum pump filters
l  Air filters
l  Oil filters
l  Air compressor filters
l  Oil separator filters
l  Customized filters
They are widely used in aviation,marine,railway,mining machinery,agricultural machine,food industry,vacuum packaging machine,Wood Working  Industry,Packaging Industry,Manufacturing Plants,Chemical Industry,Laboratories and Testing Facilities,Metal Casting Industry,paper&printing Industry,Metallurgy,air compressor system,Blower ,Woodworking , Pharmaceuticals Industry,Plastic Processing Industry,Food Processing etc.

We also can provide you kinds of replacement filter elements for one stop service. You know that filter material is important for filters. Our filter material are 100% use from  Germany HV company. It can keep our quality meet to your  requirements and help you saving many cost. We always export to UK,USA,Australia ,Malaysia, Poland etc and  very popular in local market .We are warranty if a product is faulty,we will replace or refund your money!

Are you trouble for finding filter elements? Come on! We are ready to service you.



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Email: info@filterreplace.com


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