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How to help you find quality filter element ?

Jiyuan Zhongyuan Filter is design,test, manufacture kinds of hydraulic filter element for more than 20 years.Hydraulic Filters are devices or systems that remove contaminants from hydraulic fluids and may include complete systems or the replacement elements alone. Key specifications include the filter type, filter material, and the physical dimensions. Hydraulic filters are used primarily for filtering unwanted debris or contaminants from fluids for use in hydraulic cylinders or with other systems that use hydraulic fluids. Depending on the application, the filters may require different materials or types. Components often remove particulates.

We can provide you more than 1000+ brand replacement filter element. Such as HYDAC,PALL,STAUFF,BOSCH,MAHLE,EPE etc.The below is filter element test standards can help you find quality filter element for reference.

ISO 2941------Collapse & Burst Resistant
ISO 2942------Fabrication & Integrity Test
ISO 2943------Material Compatibility with Fluids
ISO 3724------Flow Fatigue Characteristics
ISO 3968------Pressure Drop vs. Flow Rate
ISO 16889------Multi-pass Performance Testing

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