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  • V5.1260-07 Argo alternative filter element
V5.1260-07 Argo alternative filter element

V5.1260-07 Argo alternative filter element

Some replacement argo filter element number:

V5.1240-06 V7.1220-113 S3.1017-10 V3.0823-08 V3.0620-53
V5.1240-07 V7.1220-13 V3.0520-18 S2.0920-00 V3.0823-26
V5.1260-06 V7.1230-153 V3.0817-26 V2.0833-03 S2.0920-15
S2.0920-01 V7.1230-53 S2.0720-05 V3.0607-03 V2.0920-06
V3.0833-03 V7.1560-03 S3.1017-15 V3.0823-13 V3.0620-56
S2.0920-20 V3.0623-06 V3.0923-08 S2.1113-00 S2.1217-00
V2.0920-08 V3.0833-16 S2.1033-01 V3.0510-03 V3.0510-13
V3.0620-58 S2.0933-05 V2.1260-08 V3.0720-08 V3.0720-18
V3.0833-06 V2.1217-36 V3.0623-26 V3.0933-13 V3.0933-26
S2.0923-00 V3.0623-08 V3.0933-03 S2.1117-20 S2.1217-05
V2.1217-03 V3.0833-18 S2.1033-05 V3.0510-06 V3.0510-16
V3.0620-88 S2.1023-08 V2.1260-26 V3.072013 V3.0723-08
V3.0833-08 V2.1260-03 V3.0713-03 V3.0933-16 V3.0940-06
S2.0923-01 V3.0623-13 V3.0933-06 S2.1217-20 S3.0508-50
V2.1217-06 V3.0833-26 S2.1033-10 V3.0510-08 V3.0510-18
V3.0623-03 S2.1023-10 V2.1260-36 V3.0720-16 V3.0725-56
V3.0833-13 V2.1260-06    V3.0720-03 V3.0933-18 V3.0940-08
S2.0923-05 V3.0510-26 V3.0933-08 V5.1240-06 S3.0508-51
V2.1217-08 V3.0730-53 V3.0725-58 S3.0508-55 V3.0510-23
W3.0623-08 S3.0510-05 S3.0520-00 S3.0623-00 V3.0520-06
S3.0510-00 V3.0510-53 V3.0510-56 V3.0520-03 V3.0817-08   
V3.0510-36 V3.0730-58 V3.0730-68 V3.0817-06    S3.0712-05
V3.0730-56 W3.0817-06 W3.0817-08 S3.0710-00 V3.0520-08
W3.0720-08 V3.0520-13 S3.0520-05 V3.0817-03    V3.0817-13   
S3.0720-05 V3.0817-16    V3.0510-58 V3.0730-56 V3.0730-53


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