Vacuum Pump Filter

  • RA0255D exhaust filter replacement
RA0255D exhaust filter replacement

RA0255D exhaust filter replacement

  • Product description: The vacuum pump exhaust filter in the form of a cylinder has a height of 383 mm and an outer diameter of 72 mm for RA0255D vacuum pump
These vacuum pump exhaust  filters are ideally suited as cleaning material for dry running vacuum pumps and compressors without oil. With this, the best performance is achieved from the machine. Air filters can be universal, so the parts fit in different pumps and are suitable for different brands. Article number 0532140159 is suitable for vacuum pumps from Busch. This is an original manufacturer ( original equipment manufacturers).

The operation of the machine is highly dependent on the environment in which it is running. A wet, dirty, very hot or cold environment will affect the life of the filters, which are incorporated in dry running vacuum pumps.

Maintenance is simple and can be carried out by yourself. Apart from regular checks and the timely replacement of vanes and filters, no additional maintenance is required. The rotary vane compressors generate an oil-free overpressure of 1 bar(g).

Operation Dry-running Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump:

  • The Dry-running Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump consists of a cylindrical pump housing assembled with an electric motor.
  • Inside the pump housing is an eccentrically positioned rotor with vacuum vanes.
  • When the rotor rotates in the pump housing, the vacuum vanes move toward the pump housing wall (center of flying force), creating chambers in the 360-degree circle.
  • Air is drawn in, compressed and pushed out again.

  • The pump sucks in this way allowing a vacuum to build up.

Diameter (mm): 72
Height (mm): 383
Product group: Filters
OEM and/or part numbers: Replacement parts for : 0532140159
Height (mm): 383

OEM number: 532140159
Diameter (mm): 72
Other specifications:
Description Value
D= Outside diameter 72 mm
d1= Inside diameter - Bottom -
d2= Inside diameter - Top 35 mm
Machine models: Suitable for :
  • RA 0250 D vacuum pumps
  • RA 0302 D vacuum pumps
  • RA 0255 D vacuum pumps
  • RA 0305 D vacuum pumps
  • RA 0160 D vacuum pumps
  • RA 0202 D vacuum pumps
  • RA 0165 D vacuum pumps
  • RA 0205 D vacuum pumps


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