Hydraulic Filter Element

  • large flow liquid Polycapped coalescing  filter element LCS4H2HH1
  • large flow liquid Polycapped coalescing  filter element LCS4H2HH1
  • large flow liquid Polycapped coalescing  filter element LCS4H2HH1
large flow liquid Polycapped coalescing  filter element LCS4H2HH1large flow liquid Polycapped coalescing  filter element LCS4H2HH1large flow liquid Polycapped coalescing  filter element LCS4H2HH1

large flow liquid Polycapped coalescing filter element LCS4H2HH1

  • Product description: large flow liquid coalescing filter element for Food and Beverage, Textile, Metallurgy, Power Plant

Polycapped PhaseSep® Coalescer separator element filter LCS4H2HH LCS4H2HH1 LCS4H2HH11 specifications:

Filter media Polycapped fluoropolymer
Removal rating 0.3-25 micron
Size OD:3.75inch
Collapse pressure 1.03Bar
Cap material 304 stainless steel
Working temperature -20ºC-149ºC
Seal  type Fluoropolymer,Teflon encapsulated fluoropolymer, Teflon (FEP)
Packing Neutral packing or as customers' request


  • Improved Fluid Quality and Value: The superior liquid and particulate removal efficiency reduces incidents of off-spec product thereby saving reprocessing, downgrade and transportation costs. In addition, carried over liquid contaminants can cause costly corrosion problems in downstream equipment and can rapidly deactivate expensive catalysts in downstream processes.
  • Low-Cost Liquid and Solids Removal: Due to the PhaseSep coalescer's long life and superior liquid removal efficiency, the overall cost of contaminant removal is low even when compared to other less efficient methods like salt driers, electrostatic separators and sand filters. Used in conjunction with these other removal techniques, the PhaseSep system will significantly reduce operating costs.
  • High-Performance Stack Design Results in Smaller Assembly Size: The high performance PhaseSep system stack design promotes even flow distribution permitting a high rate of flow. As a result, fewer separator cartridges are required and this results in a small economic assembly size.
  • Lower Disposal and Maintenance Costs: The long useful life of the PhaseSep cartridges obtained from Pall's specially formulated medium and prefilter results in fewer cartridge changeouts, reducing maintenance and changeout costs and cartridge disposal costs.
  • Quick Recovery from Process Upsets: Pall's vertical vessel/stack design is much more forgiving when it comes to changes in process conditions.
  • Separation of Ultra-Low IFT Emulsions: PhaseSep coalescers have excellent coalescing properties, which can separate liquids that have ultra-low IFTs heretofore unable to be separated by conventional coalescers. With the combination of the PhaseSep coalescer and Pall's specially designed horizontal housing, the PhaseSep system has separated liquid/liquid emulsions with an IFT greater than 0.5 dyne/cm. Conventional coalescers begin to rapidly lose separation efficiency when the IFT gets below 20 dyne/cm.
  • Unique Stack Design: our coalescer element is stacked on top of a separator element. This unique configuration optimizes the flow distribution from the coalescer to the separator, ensuring that each separator has an equal flow. In conventional two-stage systems, the separators are located at different distances from the coalescer, causing an unequal distribution of flow to the separator. These conventional two stage systems require several coalescer elements for each separator.APS's stack design results in overall smaller assembly size and a longer coalescer/separator life.
  • Fluid Compatibility: our PhaseSep coalescer is available in several different materials to insure compatibility with virtually any type of liquid/liquid mixture.
  • Non-Disarming Medium: our non-disarming medium ensures the longest possible service life. Pall's specially formulated medium contains no glass fiber and does not disarm in the presence of surfactants. Disarming occurs when surfactants (either natural or additives) "coat" the surface of the medium thereby reducing the coalescing properties of the medium and the separation efficiency.
Products in this datasheet may be covered by one or more patents, including EP 930,926; US 5,480,547; US 6,332,987.

Typical Applications for PhaseSep Coalescers
  • Removal of carried-over caustic from refinery fuels downstream of caustic treating processes.
  • Separation of oil from water.
  • Removal of water and caustic from online analyzer sampling systems.
  • Separation of water from hydrogen peroxide working solutions.
  • Separation of hydrogen peroxide working solutions from hydrogen peroxide. 
  • Removal of carried-over amine from hydrocarbon downstream of a liquid/liquid amine contactor.
  • Removal of oil from ammonia.
  • Separation of pyrolysis gas from quench water in ethylene plants.


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