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Why should you filter exhaust from a vacuum pump?

The main benefits of installing vacuum pump exhaust filter comprise of:

Improve the process environment. Vacuum pumps create oil mist. Installing a filter on the exhaust of the machine can dramatically reduce oil mist. This will reduce the buildup of oil particulates in the atmosphere that can lead to hazardous working environments. Downstream oil filters can further reduce the risk of accidental contamination into the process. This may be caused by blocked filters. Downstream filters will also reduce oil carryover
Remove Oil in Pipework. When a vacuum pump emits oily air, the contaminants can be expelled into the atmosphere in the form of oil mist. This can result in dirty inlet air for other devices such as packaging machines, compressors, heating and ventilation etc.
Recover Lubricants. Installing a vacuum pump exhaust filter can enable you to recover lubricants back into the vacuum pump oil separator housing. This reduces the frequency of required oil changes.

Lower maintenance costs. Correct filtration improves the life expectancy of wearable components within the machine. Doing this reduces the general costs and frequency of maintenance.



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