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What is daily maintenance for Leybold vacuum pump?

The Leybold vacuum pump  in Europe and evolved from the Roots blower. The applicable pressure range is 10 to 1000pa. If it is not within the pressure range, it is used as a booster pump. The application range is also very wide, and oil mist is installed. The separator is widely used in electronic information technology industry, food packaging industry, metallurgy industry, vacuum coating industry, chemical industry, rubber industry, vacuum heat treatment industry and new energy industry. Like other vacuum equipment, Leybold also requires regular maintenance, and the maintenance time varies for different projects. So today, the oil mist separator filter manufacturer will take you to find out when and should  maintenance  Leybold vacuum pump in each time and parts.

1.You need  checked vacuum pump  every day working including the inspection of the oil level, and observed the oil level. If there is too much oil, the temperature will rise, and too little oil will affect the lubrication performance. Therefore, it need to be checked every day. When the phenomenon of oil running occurs, the oil loss will be very serious.

2. checking vacuum pump  temperature change in every day. Use a thermometer to measure the temperature of each part of the pump, especially the motor, to see if the temperature is abnormal;

3.  the motor load should be checked every day, and the motor load should be checked with an ammeter or a voltmeter.

In addition to the daily inspection, the Leybold vacuum pump also has monthly inspections. What needs to be inspected every month is whether the coupling and gasket are damaged or loose; the content that needs to be inspected every three months is the gear box. The quality of the internal oil, if the oil deteriorates, check whether the oil mist separator is blocked; and the content of the semi-annual inspection is the quality of the lubricating oil in the bearing box, check whether the moving parts are worn, loose, damaged, and check the sealing performance Is it weakened etc.

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