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My vacuum pump is nosy

Pumps can operate at quite high noise levels in many instances, 80db can be common. New technology units such as claw pumps can make more noise than conventional rotor vane pumps, although manufacturers are working hard to negate this.

Pump units are built and designed to have fine tolerances, and over time due to factors like bearing wearing and other factors these tolerances can become eroded. This can then lead to mechanical pick up where the rotor can start to touch the pump body or side plates. This not only generates heat but can make the pump very noisy. Needless to say mechanical pick up within units can lead to expensive repairs or even be fatal for the pump itself. If you fear mechanical pick up, stop the pump immediately and call our technical department for assistance.

Vane wear – Over time carbon graphite pump vanes wear not only along their leading edge but also along their surface as they slide in and out of their rotor slots hundreds of times per minute. This wear can lead to vane “chatter” where vanes become loose in the rotor slot and so produce noise as they slap the rotor slot during exit an entry of the rotor slot. Check the vanes for wear on height and for scalping across their face.



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