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What is different type filter element in vacuum pump ?

There are several types of filters and separators in use dependant on the pump type. Each manufacturer like Becker,  Elmo Rietschle, Gardner Denver and DVP have their own oil separators and filters.

Oil Lubricated pumps can have several different types of filters. Oil Separators or oil mist eliminators. These are made from a nylon or polyester media and filter oil mist or vapour internally in the unit before any air is exhausted to atmosphere. Some oil separators have non-return valves internally to reduce noise and help pumping efficiencies.

Oil Filters are a metal filter screwed externally onto the sump of pumps. These filter burnt oil or solids from the oil in the sump. Metal Mesh Filters are also found in the sump of oil lubricated pumps, again filtering sump oil before it is circulated around the pump.

Paper Filters can be found internally usually on dry running rotary vane pumps or claw units. These act as pre-filters so filter any inlet air to stop contaminant from entering the pump. On the exhaust of dry running carbon vane pumps there is a carbon dust separator designed to filter any carbon dust from air before it is exhausted.

External Filters – These are in line filters which filter air before arrival at the inlet of the pump. These can be made of paper, nylon or polyester. These can be found in canister type filters and have BSP port sizes so can be installed in line onto pipework, with spring clips on the canister lid to allow for easy access to the filter element. Generally paper filters are used for dry air only.

OEM Filters – Sometimes original equipment manufacturers can design filters for their machinery which they feel are necessary. For example Heidelberg make printing machines and have large cabinet filters to filter contaminant like spray powder before it contacts units.

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