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5 Tips to change vacuum pump oil filters

Vacuum pump  is important to not only change the oil, but also the oil filters. Again, using the OEM’s genuine oil filters provides the best results. They have been specifically developed to perfectly match the intended pump.

Some operators may choose to change the oil and oil filter on their own instead of having a service technician change the oil. Here are five basic tips:

  1. Use an oil drain valve kit .
  2. Do not leave oil inside the pump after draining. The oil drain valve kit will help with this step.
  3. Lubricate the oil filter gasket before its first use.
  4. After refilling the oil, run the pump for one or two minutes, then turn the pump off. 
  5. Check and adjust the oil level once again.

Using an outside service technician can save time and has other benefits. A service call should include a pressure and leak check, vane check, a test run to factory standards and assurance that the equipment is running efficiently.



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