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How to extend your hydraulic filter element working life?

Jiyuan Zhongyuan Filter Co,.Ltd  is 20 years+  filter element manufacturers from China focusing on  design & produce kinds of  filter element for one stop service. Such as air dust filter element, hydraulic filter element, high pressure filter  element , wire mesh filter  element, paper  filter element ,  micron filter element,bespoke filters etc .They are meet your requirements and ISO standards.7/24 service online and delivery to you within one week.Today,let's to know how to extend your hydraulic filter element working life?

1. Clean the filter element in time. During the working process, the sludge accumulated by the filter element for a long time will reduce the flow rate of the filter element and reduce its performance, so regular cleaning of the filter element can prolong the life of the filter element.

2. Pay attention to whether the filter element is deformed or damaged. If deformation is found, it should be replaced in time to prevent low-efficiency filtration.

3. When replacing the hydraulic oil filter element, we should pay more attention to whether there are various metal residues or debris at the bottom of the filter element. If there are metal debris residues, it indicates that there is a problem with the hydraulic pump or motor and should be repaired in time. If you find rubber residues, it may be that the seal is damaged.



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