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How to maintance Hydac hydraulic filter element ?

There are many people  judge the quality of a filter element by its filtration precision and the working  life of the filter element. really? Of course not. One is  the quality of filter element , another  from the maintenance  of the filtration element, so that its service life will be extended

The  the hydraulic system  can normally working can guarantee for  the machine production. What should we do to ensure continuous and reliable operation of the hydraulic system? First of all, it is necessary to choose a good quality hydraulic  filter element, such as HYDAC hydraulic oil filter element, hydraulic system, if there is an impurity after a period of time, there must be a good hydraulic oil filter element to filter out these impurities. The hydraulic oil filter cartridge itself has a self-sealing valve, which prevents oil backflow even during overhaul. Open a valve next to it. When the impurity blockage makes the differential pressure reach 0.35MPA, it will automatically turn on, making the system work well.

HYDAC hydraulic oil filter influence of the hydraulic system working life.Hydraulic oil is should same performance  to be used according to the instructions.Don't be used for deterioration Do not mix oils and oils with different characteristics . During use, it is very important to ensure that it is cleaned. If solid impurities are injected into the interior, the precision parts will be damaged, resulting in oil blockage and affecting the safety of the hydraulic system.

On usually, the amount of air contained in hydraulic oil is about 6-8%. Once the pressure is reduced, the air in the oil will be separated and cavitation occurs. With air increases, cavitation increases, reduce the efficiency of the HYDAC hydraulic oil filter element .

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