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How to buy high quality and low cost vacuum pump filter ?

Vacuum pump oil mist filter is one of the important consumables part for  vacuum pump, include vacuum pump air inlet  filter and oil filter,  three together constitute the "three filters"  for  vacuum pump and are important accessories of vacuum pump. However, many users do not know how to buy high-quality and low-cost filters because they do not know the principle of vacuum pump filter element .

Most users blindly follow the trend and choose the original filter.Original vacuum pump filter price is higher and need waiting longer time. We can provide you replacement original vacuum pump filter element same as original,delivery on same day if you order. It is very popular  from vacuum pump manufacturer, vacuum pump users,vacuum pump maintaine and repairs etc.

There are many replacement vacuum pump filter same as original from appearance. If you want to buy original filters,please  choose formal channels .

I believe that after understanding the working principle of the vacuum pump oil and gas filter, everyone will establish your own purchasing system and be more rational when purchasing.

1. The oil mist particles are discharged with the gas and enter the inner cavity of the oil mist separators filter , and are quickly captured by the high-precision glass fiber filter material.

2. With the continuous exhaust of the vacuum pump, more and more oil mist particles are captured and pushed out under a certain exhaust pressure. During the continuous push out, the small oil mist particles gradually coalesce into Large oil droplets pass through the filter paper. At this point, the glass fiber filter material has completed the work of capturing and coalescing.

3. When the oil mist particles coalesce into oil droplets and pass through the filter paper, larger oil droplets are formed. At this time, oil-absorbing non-woven fabrics need to be used for secondary capture. If the secondary capture is not carried out, those oil droplets that are coalesced into larger particles are easily ejected from the exhaust port again when the vacuum pump exhausts the atmosphere, which is often referred to as "vacuum pump oil injection". Jiyuan Zhongyuan Filter Co.Ltd uses special oil-absorbing non-woven fabric to achieve the function of preventing oil injection: the larger oil droplets separated from the glass fiber filter tube are captured by the oil-absorbing non-woven fabric again, because the oil-absorbing non-woven fabric is processed according to the viscosity of the vacuum pump oil. It is specially designed, and its pore size is very suitable for the growth of oil droplets. The captured small oil droplets quickly grow into large oil droplets, and flow to the oil collecting tank under the action of their own gravity to realize oil recovery.

4. The oil is recovered, and relatively clean air is discharged out of the pump. Solve the problem of vacuum pump oil loss and environmental pollution.



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