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Where are need Hydraulic Micro-Fiberglass filter elements ?

Where are need Hydraulic  Micro-Fiberglass filter elements ?

Jiyuan Zhongyuan Filter can provide you more than 10000+ kinds of replacement filter element and factory directly would like to solve filters solution. When you buy hydraulic filter element, some people are confuse filter material ,today let us talk about glassfiber in hydraulic system.

The micron glassfiber filter element is widely used for food, beverage, life science, and biopharmaceutical applications. The min micron is 1 micron. Glass fiber filters element feature fast flow rates, high loading capacity, wide-range thermal tolerance, and excellent precipitate retention. These filters are ideal for gravimetric analyses of air pollutants and serving as prefilters for use upstream of membrane filters. The standard filters for dissolved and suspended solids testing in sanitary water analysis procedures. Glass fiber filters are fabricated from binder-free borosilicate glass fiber with extremely high maximum operating temperatures in air.

Micro-Fiberglass filter elements are available in specialty configurations, including
  • Anti-Static Filter Elements
  • Coalescing Filter Elements
  • Water Removal Filter Elements
  • Industrial Process Filter Elements
  • Coreless Filter Elements

  • Turbine lube & hydraulic oils
  • Compressor lube oil
  • Water glycols
  • Synthetic lubricants
  • Petroleum based fluids
  • Cost-effective replacement for Expensive OEM elements

If you need sample filter or inquiry filter,please send us your need filter number and quantity is ok. If your need filter is no standard , please contact us. We are 7/24 online .We are always waiting for you.



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