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Which filter material is best for hydraulic filter ?

Which filter material is best for hydraulic filter ?

When you buy filter element,there are many people don't know use paper filter element or  glass fiber,which one is better. Let us compare with them .

Man-made glass fibers are smaller and more uniform than naturally occurring cellulose fibers. When glass fibers are woven into a layer, the result is a more consistent pore structure which captures and retains dirt better (high filtration efficiency). Plus glass’s smaller fiber diameter means there’s more of them in a given volume and therefore more spaces to catch and retain dirt. Size for size, this gives glass filter media more dirt holding capacity than cellulose. Glass-fiber elements have the added benefit of superior fluid compatibility. They’re suitable for use with mineral, synthetic and water based fluids.

The superior performance of glass elements does come at cost in terms of the element’s flow resistance and therefore the pressure drop across it. As you’d expect, filter efficiency and pressure drop go together, hand-in-glove. Cellulose elements are low efficiency; low pressure drop. Glass elements are high efficiency; high pressure drop-all other things equal.

And as is often the case, with higher performance comes higher price. Cellulose elements are cheap to buy; glass are not. But this is not the whole story. Because it’s not the absolute price of the element that matters. It’s the dollars per gram or ounce of dirt captured and retained that matters. With this in mind, glass filter elements can last three to five times longer than equivalent cellulose elements. Which means if you’re ever doing a detailed cost comparison, don’t forget to include the cost of carrying out the element changes. If a glass element lasts three times as long, you save two filter changes. If it lasts five times as long, you save four filter changes.

So, the glass fiber is better filter material than paper material.You have any inquiry filters,please contact info@filterreplace.com



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